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1. rsm view /tlibrary then use result for rsm /refresh /lf"library_name" (eg rsm refresh /lf"IBM ULTRIUM HH-3 TAPE DRIVE")

2. restart rsm service

3. compmgmt.msc; removable storage; work queue; errors, delete jobs, etc

4. rebuild rsm database:

1) Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and find the Removable Storage service.
2) Right click on the Removable Storage service, select Properties, change the ‘Startup type:’ to Disabled and click ok.
3) Restart the machine
4) When the machine is running again open Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Windows\system32\ntmsdata\ directory  (or some other variation depending on the operating system, just pick the directory where Windows is installed and go from there)
5) In that directory rename all the files to *.OLD or move them to another temp folder.
6) Go back to the Removable Storage service (see step 1) go to properties and change the ‘Startup type:’ back to Automatic.
7) Restart the machine again

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